Brown Cheese Please

This book is an excellent guide on how to understand Norwegians! But it is also a book I believe all Norwegians should read to understand how we are percieved, as the book is spot on! Actually, all Norwegians should read it before being allowed to leave the country and complain about how strange all foreigners are… We might actually be the strange ones!

“Brown Cheese Please” by Jenny K Blake

For those not in the know the title of the book is referring to a typical Norwegian Cheese that we like to call “Brown Cheese”. It is a caramalised goats cheese and all though it is probably one of the most Norwegian types of food, my husband says that it is an aquired taste (he has given up on it), you can actually buy it oustide of Norway! I found it in the local supermarket when I was last on holiday in Maui, and they also sell it at Harrods, London! (You can even get in on Amazon!)


12 Comments to “Brown Cheese Please”

  1. I LOL at your first line Asta. I love the idea of a book explaining a whole culture to the rest of the world! I hate to think what a Kiwi version would be – possibly – ‘We’re NOT Australian, thankyou.’

    • It was actually my mother-in-law who told me about the book, she had come across it and she said that after 10 years she finally understood me! 🙂

      Great title you are suggesting, maybe you should write the book? 🙂

  2. The problem would be that there *are* so many similarities that I would end up with just a cover. LOL
    I love that your mother-in-law bought the book for you. It’s hard enough to blend in with a whole family without adding cultural differences as well. At least now you’re understood!

  3. Ok, now I *have* to try brown cheese! After all, I have made all my international friends try vegemite (and some even liked it). I wonder whether I can get it when I’m in Finland in a month or two?

  4. I think I am of the rare Norwegian variety that doesn’t like Brown cheese… 😉

    have a lovely day!
    big hug

  5. I bought a book “how to understand and use a Norwegian” for my husband. He found it very entertaining – in fact he fell out of bed one night he was laughing so much….

    Will have to read this one as well 🙂

    • Had a quick look and that book looks great – I’ll have to order it and give it to my husband – I think he will appreciate all the help he can get when it comes to understanding me 🙂

  6. Oh, I need this book! ( Im a brown cheese loving Brit also!)

  7. I love Brown cheese and my Norwegian friends always send me a block of Floytemysost(can’t guarantee the spelling) at Christmas.

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