Sending cards

We came back from our Easter Holiday this week, and the first thing we found in our postbox was an Easter Card – and my husband immediately said a word that should not be repeated in writing. Not because he was upset about receiving the card, but because we had forgotten to send a card to his parents wishing them a Happy Easter!

Until I met my husband I had not ever seen an Easter Card let alone sent one! And as I got more familiar with the British culture it seems that they generally send a lot more cards than we do here in Norway!

We do send Christmas cards, and cards for other occations here in Norway – but not quite to the extendt they do it in the UK. There seems to be cards for just about every occation, and you are expected to send them to everybody!

Christmas cards, Easter cards, Motherdays, Fathersday, Thank you cards (now these are used a lot; thank you for coming, thank you for having me, thank you for your thank you card and so on!) In these modern times it is sometimes ok to just send an sms… So the day after (or on your way home from) a visit, you are expected to send an sms to say thank you and how you enjoyed it! I am not used to this, and I just assume that of course they enjoyed it and there is no need explicitly saying so again (as this is normal to say when you leave isn’t it?)

I think we in Norway are a bit more relaxed, which sometimes might come across as rude or not caring – which isn’t the case!

A question though – how long should one keep cards one has received? Every now and then I have to go through and clear out the pile, but I feel so bad for getting rid of them!


6 Comments to “Sending cards”

  1. I don’t think we’re as into giving cards as the Brits either. I tend to keep birthday cards for a month and Christmas cards generally go on Boxing Day as we go away for our holidays then. The rest last about a week.

    • Hi Karyn, glad to hear that we (Norwegians) are not the only one sending cards for every occasion 🙂 And I think it is time I clear out the box that´s full of all the cards we have received the last few years!

  2. I think it depends on your own family traditions – mine sees it all as retail commercialism designed just to make money so we just send birthday and Xmas cards and even then these days often send electronic messages instead.

  3. So true. Even I have gotten used to sending cards (although I don’t send Easter cards) and start each month with going through my birthday card list and write up the cards… I like to make cards sometimes and pick up packs when I am around so I always have a stash of cards in a box. Got to be organised… 😉

    • Hi Mette, I am very impressed, I always have plans to get organised and send cards out in plenty of time, but I never manage to. I think I need to put a system in place!

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