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November 2, 2011

Motherhood and me

Sinnataggen - a statue in Vigelandsparken in OsloI guess motherhood is quite similar in most cultures – at least in the cultures that I am familiar with – all though there will always be slight differences in how things are done, and the expectations to you as a mother. Here in Norway we get a year in maternity/paternity leave (both parents have to take time off to make it a year – my husband took 4 months)

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July 1, 2011

Paternity Leave

Disclaimer: I have not done any research or anything – my comments and opinions are only based on my personal experience and views…

We are very fortunate in Norway as we get quite a lot of maternity and paternity leave. You can choose to have a total of 46 weeks (with 100% pay) or 56 weeks (with 80% pay) – all though I believe they have just upped this to be 47 and 57 weeks. We choose the option of 56 weeks.

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